PL/SQL Connector Builder Maven-Plugin Documentation


  • Download PL/SQL Connector Builder Maven-Plugin :
  • The Oracle driver ojdbc8.jar is already embedded in the Maven plugin.
  • Call the command line script file install.[sh|cmd]] from the command line.
  • The PL/SQL Connector Builder Maven-Plugin is now installed in your local repository.

Configure pom.xml

XML-File : pom.xml
  • connectorBuilderName : Name of the connector builder (required).
  • url, user, password : Connection parameter overwrites setting of the connector builder (optional).
  • info : Information level of output during connector builder run. Valid values : all, compact, warning (optional, default:all).

Run PL/SQL Connector Builder from command line

  • The file 'plsqlworkbench.cfg' saved by the UI-Configurator stores the PL/SQL Connector Builder configuration. It must exists in the same folder.
  • mvn connectorbuilder:run


  • The PL/SQL Connector Builder will run on any build process of maven.
  • The Connector Builder types with separated client and server parts needs configuration of the client and the server project. Both connector builder runs separately.